Dion Lee

Dion Lee has made an immense and rapid escalation into the fashion world, branching out into the international scene in 2012. Over the past three years Lee has only further confirmed his status as one of the leading designers of Australian fashion.

Lee’s designs are displays of immaculate tailoring, crafted with skill and innovation to produce architectural structures with sharp lines and geometric shapes, but simultaneously achieving an undeniable elegance. Lee has delivered a new, engaging and fresh collection every season so far, never losing his imaginative touch, and always offering up new ideas, excelling him towards success in seasons to come.

Equipped with a ceaseless talent and vision for the art of design, Dion Lee will continue to reach great heights with his collections, and will continue to please and impress national and international eyes of fashion alike, cementing his place as one of the great talents to emerge from Australia.

(Taken from Rooftop designer profile.)

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